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Desperate Because of Inefficient Detailed Scheduling?

  • The generation of an acceptable production schedule requires each week several hours of troublesome work and is similar to a wild jugglery with color boxes.
  • Often the due dates cannot be satisfied anyway.
  • The stock of raw materials is held high, such that the plant can react to demand in a flexible way.

Our Solution: Schedule++

This powerful detailed scheduling software was developed specifically for the needs of the process industries (chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, etc.). It offers the planner a detailed visualization of the schedule as well as the possibility to keep at each moment an overview over all resources needed for production (devices, manpower, raw materials,...). Different scheduling algorithms, e.g. for the optimization of device load and cleaning, are available, such that several scenarios can be analyzed before a change of the plan is confirmed. With these features, an optimal usage of the production capacity can be achieved.

On the software level, Schedule++ can, on the contrary to other APS systems, be viewed as an add-in to common ERP systems (like SAP R/3). There is no separate server and no separate database management system required, which reduces the effort for installation and administration significantly.

The advantages at a glance:
  • realistic and exact scheduling thanks to the simple representation of complex situations like with sequence-dependent setup and cleaning times and limited capacity of buffering tanks, even with numerous processes and resources
  • customer satisfaction thanks to the feasibility of the schedule, which is built up by considering simultaneously device capacity and material availability
  • daily time savings thanks to the excellent user-friendliness of the clear Windows user interface, which can easily be adapted to the wishes of the user
  • easy playing with schedule modifications ("what-if" analyses), without immediate effect on the ERP as long as the planner does not commit the changes explicitly
  • speed thanks to the LiveCache technology
  • high transparency thanks to schedule visualization and predefined tables for reports
  • no superfluous investment thanks to the better capacity utilization
  • more flexibility thanks to shorter cycle and delivery times
  • reduction of costs thanks to the reduction of inventory levels and stock surface

Application Cases

Schedule++ is in use in many companies of the process industries, for example in Switzerland or Germany in plants producing:
  • fine chemicals
  • polymers
  • pigments
  • active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • vitamins.
Schedule++ is a product of OR Soft Jänicke GmbH. 

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