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Infos > Six Sigma

Six Sigma - a Riddle wrapped up in an Enigma?

The basic idea of Six Sigma is simple

The aim of Six Sigma is to increase the production quality and especially to reduce the error rate. Here a zero-error-rate is aimed for. This is why the Six Sigma concept is occasionally known under the term of „zero-error-strategy".
The underlying observation is that every process, as stable as it may be, is characterised by a certain natural variation.
[more about the Six Sigma basic idea...]

The Six Sigma Management Strategy

The difference to other quality improvement concepts is the implementation of those aims in the company. Generally with Six Sigma a high value is set on efficiency, also with the choice of suitable projects. This implicates a highly client-oriented focus as well as an evaluation of results based on measurable criteria. The so called 80/20 (pareto-) principle is often used. 
[more about the Six Sigma management strategy...]


Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control - this is a schematic concept carried out according to the Six Sigma projects.
[more about DMAIC...]

And what is a Six Sigma Green Belt?

The main work is done by the so called Six Sigma "Green belts" (according to the belt colour in Judo)
[more about the Six Sigma Green Belts...]

Six Sigma Software

There are a lot of Six Sigma software tools trying to combine all Six Sigma methods in one tool. But one software trying to cover everything can never be that good as  a specialised software package optimally tailored to particular areas.
[more about the Six Sigma software...]

Useful Six Sigma links

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